INTMAX Testnet
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Our testnet is now being prepared for execution from a browser. Please try INTMAX testnet from the CLI (Command line Interface) first. As for communication from the browser to INTMAX Testnet, this is being implemented now. We will constantly update our testnet. Please check discord and github for update status.
Here is the RPC URL for their INTMAX testnet.


Attention. The INTMAX testnet is still a alpha version, so we will not commit data to L1 Network.
Please follow the instructions in the of this repository and set up a testnet environment on your local Laptop.
It now supports the following features.
  • Create account
  • Display accounts
  • Reset account
  • Change default account
  • Mint token
  • Send token
  • Display assets
  • Bulk mint
  • Bulk transfer
  • Help
Please refer to the readme for detailed instructions on how to use these features.
You can try these features as many times as you like to get a better understanding of INTMAX.