INTMAX Testnet
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INTMAX has a variety of projects. You will find links and introductions to our projects below.


INTMAX Wallet is an evm compatible wallet that allows you to handle your wallet using only your browser without having to install extensions or apps.


webmax.js is INTMAX Wallet signer library.
Developers can integrate this library into Dapps and connect it externally to their INTMAX Wallet account.


Lappsnet is a network that converts the lightning network's satoshi into native tokens for the POA network built on geth, which can then be used for Dapps. This network is a good integration of Lighting network and Ethereum network.
You may be able to create new services. Lappsnet is also integrated with INTMAX Wallet mentioned above, which will expand its usability.
Lappsnet also offers Explorer, a useful L1 network that makes it easy to try anything.


zkcloud is a cloud-based service that allows you to create zero knowledge proofs on the cloud.
In the future, zkp(Zero Knowledge Proof) will be used for L2 networks and many other services.
zkcloud is a convenient service that allows you to create zk proofs via API. zkcloud API allows you to programmatically manage and automate the creation and acquisition of zk proofs. Generating heavy zkp is taking a lot of time, so using zkcloud will expand the usability and range of the service.